Ginxy Designs

Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Photographer


Hi, welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Virginia (Gin/Ginny for short!). I am creative person for as long as I could be/do so. With this passion of creativity I studied Visual Communication of Graphic Design BA (Hons) at University of Derby based in the United Kingdom, graduating in 2009.

With my creativity, I enjoy doing various projects/tasks around Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography. These areas have been my main focus since I was a teenager and have progressed to the present day.

In my spare time, I am found doing craft work, such as, knitting, paper cutting, painting, calligraphy to name a few! Away from the creativity I enjoy listening to various music, doing exercise; running, zumba, yoga, and walking. If I can, I like donating some time towards fundraising for charities in fun runs they promote, such as, Cancer Research, and Treetops Hospice to some voluntary work.